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I was born on the 13th of April of 1988 on some deserted land in the heart of Buenos Aires province. I grew up healthy and happy on our family farm, with my grandparents, aunt and uncles and many animals. My grandmother was a witch, even though she kept it secret afraid of repercussions. Since the moment I was born, she taught me all about herbs and energy, how to heal, how to talk to our guides, how to protect oneself and never be afraid of what you cannot explain. 


When we left the farm, for different reasons, I suffered a lot and my problem with illness began. I suffered from many things, at the time I didn't understand and I thought it was just normal to have so many issues as the doctor always had a different pill for me. But the more I took them the more I struggled until I would have mental breakdowns that made me feel even worse. Sometimes I would go to the toilet and throw them all away, but with no other course of healing, I had to retake them. My diet was poor and untimely, I lost the farm life which I loved and family dysfunctions made me feel I could die and that would´ve been better for me. I had hypothyroidism, migraines, high blood pressure, constant colds and infections, horrible menstrual pains, my hair would fall, my nails would break, and my weight was always a problem. I would have mood swings and depressive states. When I was fifteen I had a throat infection (I used to have them quite often) but this one progressed into a much worse condition. Then I found out I had become antibiotic-resistant as I was prescribed so much of it as a child. Any time I had a fever, a cough, a sniss, antibiotics. So the doctor gave me steroids (which are quite damaging) but when the effect wore off the infection would come back. Eventually, I had my tonsils removed. I thought that would be the end but then I began to suffer laryngitis, pharyngitis and my thyroid condition worsened. 


I went through years of self-loading and instability until I had my children and by some sort of miracle, I began to see things clearly. My intuition kicked in, and I realized that all my problems came from outside sources, but the main problem was my lack of understanding of how my body worked. So I educated myself, and as I started making changes and saw the results, it encouraged me more and more. After my doctor told me at the age of twelve that my hypothyroidism would last me my whole life and probably he would have to remove my thyroid at some point, can you imagine the feeling when that blood test finally came back with normal levels after years of stopping my medication and trying so hard to balance myself without it? But it wasn´t just diet and exercise, it was a whole lot more, it was my mind and my soul, it was a team effort I had never done before. It was lots of little moments when I chose myself, when I chose to dig deep rather than to avoid, when I said no to what made me ill and loved myself instead. 


Closing a successful restaurant was hard, my partner and I suffered financially and mentally for a while. The business served a great purpose, I learned to cook and to truly appreciate food and nature. But it wasn´t serving me and it was taking up all my time and energy while my condition worsened. Those sacrifices I would have rather not done were stepping stones towards my true self. They say “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” But I said, don´t settle, there is more than lemons, there is a whole world of opportunities, just be brave. I have seen person after person come devastated with a terrible diagnosis and that very diagnosis be the cause of the greatest healing that nothing else could trigger. I have seen friends who needed a lung transplant cure themselves to regennerate their lungs like they were brand-new. I have seen people with cancer shrink it a matter of weeks, I have seen people come in tears in disbelief of what they achieved.


Unfortunately, I have also seen too many people go willingly into the road the pharma took them, stealing their power and weakening their minds and will. But I say, it´s never too late, as long as there is breath there is a way. This is why Astrology came as such a natural path for me, because this big picture will show us everything we need to know about a disease, not only the cause but the purpose of it. Fortunately, I didn't need to study Astrology, I saw a chart for the first time and I remembered it from past lives, it was within me and I tapped into it when it was needed. 


My Grandma used to tell me, you have odd hands, you will either be a pianist or a robber. And then she said, they are healing hands, so I use them always to energize the food I make and the medicine I harvest. This became clear to me after my family and I made a long pilgrimage to our collective home: Egypt. The magnetic energy I felt there was so strong, so enrichening, when I came back I felt myself charged as never before. My body felt things that were new to me and deep emotions arose along with the yearning to heal myself even more. I had been biting my nails ever since I could remember, I could never stop it, I tried everything. And as the Sinai Mountain blessed me with the greatest miracle I have ever witnessed (the healing of someone very close to me) and I asked for my hands to be charged, the mountain told me that from that moment the nervous biting must stop, and it did. May seem like a silly thing to you, but for me was a source of stress that I could not placate before. And when I am healing myself and others, I am channelling Our Mother by The Red Sea of Creation, it convinced me without a doubt of this inherent power we all carry but it also made me aware of the work that we need to do to activate it and keeping it strong with the energy of clear intention.


My partner is a great source of healing, seeing through him my triggers and insecurities has been a stormy yet effective path of self-improvement. He helped me believe that love is the purpose of this life. So many times I thought it would be easier to give up and go our ways, so many times my ego told me that I would be better off. But my heart was stronger and our divine union became my main purpose because I knew it would ultimately give our life meaning. I believe in the power of the complementary opposites coming together, when we are truly aligned with one another the ego gets cancelled and the True Divine Spirit merges in us. This has been the lesson of my great-grandmother Sophia who married my great-grandfather Pachulo. He was a mestizo, half-native, she was Italian. Her family opposed the union and her mother severely beat her up the night before the wedding. Nevertheless, Sophia chose love and married him anyway. Pachulo´s mother was Clara Luna, native and beautifully Southern with the color of the earth in her. Even though the family suffered many tragedies, I believe their love transferred to us, to me, and in those moments when I wanted to give up on love, she kept me strong. My ancestors are a constellation around me guiding my path and our communication is crucial for my well-being and my family´s.


So, I could write for days, but more or less this is all about me. I believe that some of us live on a different timeline, from the past, yes, but ever-coming. We “survive” in the 3D modern world, but our souls are anchored in another dimension, where we yearn to come back. Yet, we also understand we have to keep the work and keep the channels open for others to join. Because once we accept that reality, once we walk bravely into the unknown, we become the bridge for others to make their way home. A home that is not a place, but a feeling, a completeness, a togetherness that arises from the ashes of the divisive ego. And so we stay here if we must, but we stay with purpose, with work in our hands and a mission in our hearts. 

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