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Providing Everything You Need


For any event, holidays and detoxing you want to do. I cook on site or take away for minimal number of people and/or days.

If you are in need of deep healing and nourishing foods or know someone that needs it, contact me and we can arrange a chat.


If you are a retreat organizer or are thinking of hosting one, you can make food part of the experience!

I design menus to match the theme of your retreat, sharing with your guests' recipes, hacks and if there is time a little presentation about the Alkaline Way! 

Always worth the investment.

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No matter how far away you live, there is always an opportunity to share and learn! I offer comprehensive online and in person mentoring. I want to teach to cook yes, but more so I want to teach you to love looking after yourself, cook intuitively with fear and take this time of preparation as a meditation.

Basically, I teach how to fall in love with energy!

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