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The Three Planes of Healing

Sickness is an Illusion. An anomaly sending a message for you to decipher.

Health is the natural state of being.

Read below about my method and how we can balance all parts of the Self into Unity.

Dry Soil
Camp Fire
River Stones

One to One Sessions

I have been creating Natal Charts and Family Charts for people for four years now. It´s truly an amazing gift to be able to look into soul paths and help people recognize their innate talents and birthrights to live a life with purpose and self-recognition.

After hundreds of charts, I realized that the body is the first step, because is the channel, but there are other steps just as important in this we call "The Game of Life".

The physical can be cured through proper diet, self-care, exercise, breathwork, etc

For this we follow the premises of Dr. Sebi and I am always happy to explain or pass the material I have created for you to understand from the core why this ideas align with the true essence of being human, not just as physical organism, but as a creation of the Divine. The Alkaline Way offers us insights into the mechanics of nature, aligning our pH, understanding the elements that form the human body and the ways in which each one can be balanced and activated. In time, this way will upgrade your DNA, deactivating harmful genes that may be responsible for diseases. If you want to know more about this, click here. Here we pay attention to Cell health.

To heal the mental plane we use what is known these days as Epigenetics or the relationship of emotions, trauma and past generations in our bodies, what messages these conditions are transmitting to us and what purpose they serve. It is hard to accept that it all is Mind, it takes self-education and following the inner-wisdom, so we work on somatic healing, magnetic healing in order to establish clear communication with the body and perceived and translate the signals that it is sending us. We keep track of dreams, emotions, sensations, and anything that otherwise may be disregarded as unrelated. Here we pay attention to Gland health.

These two aspects are the columns that support our souls, to enter the soul-plane, we can look at Astrology. If the sun and moon have clear and measurable effects on our well-being, why would the other celestial bodies not have the same? And why not use all the tools at our disposal to get to know who and what we are, where we came from, where are we going and what must we do while here? Astrology is a language, and I have yet not find one person who has not resonated intensely with the messages the planets have to offer. 

Here we pay attention to subconscious health.

These three elements combined and aligned create the vortex known as Torus, where energy flows endlessly and effortlessly into every edge of the Being. So in the One to One we start with an interview looking at the charts, talking about the aspects that we wish to work one, being those physical like illness, mental, like habits and core-changes or spiritual, like the search for purpose and meaning. All comes back to this place, the core of your Torus vortex where you connect all aspects and come up with your answers. 

If it´s a physical illness, we also work on Chi energy or Magnetic healing, to learn to take from the healing energy of the universe and direct it to the part of the body that needs help. This requires certain practice, but the aim is always that you learn to practice your own healing with guidance to start.

I believe to be true that the exchange must be fair and one should value their craft accordingly to what is offered. That being said, I believe we can exchange more than money and I always willing to help, specially if you are stock in between a rock and a hard place and you need to find guidance to get out of it! So please, do contact me and we can chat regardless of what you can offer. Service to humanity is always my priority and you can always pass it forward and I can assure you, it will come back multiplied!

If you have nay further questions, do not hesitate and message me. 

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