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Dhal: Lentils to Die For!

Lentils are not exactly alkaline, their pH falls under the neutral 7, and they are not on Dr. Sebi´s list (I thought I made that clear in case you are here to heal!) However, lentils are one the most ecological foods we can eat. They require little water, they grow in volumes and are not as damaging to the soil as other similar like soy (soy is definitely not going to ever be recommended here)

I cut back a lot on lentils, I replaced them with chickpeas which are alkaline, and Dr. Sebi-approved. But sometimes I just fancy a good old Dhal and chickpeas here won´t do! Gone through many Dhal recipes, and this one is a cross and a personal interpretation! It is also a perfect way to hide some vegetables for my little one!

As I always say, I cook intuitively, so I have no recipes. I like to just throw stuff in the pot like a good little witch, but that takes a lot of hours in the kitchen so I give you a recipe. But remember to use your gut, hands, and senses to cook! Don´t get too caught up in recipes (you know that chefs never give you their full recipe, this is a well know fact, no matter how much you try you will never reproduce it) so make it your own! Add what you like and take out what you don´t. Remember to be present in the kitchen, paying attention, enjoying that moment, playing music and so the food will come out perfect for you!



-Peeled courgette


-A pack of yellow lentils

-A can of coconut milk

-Coconut oil or similar

-Round green beans

-Spices and Herbs

-Cumin (dry or seeds)

-Dry Ginger



-Coriander ground

-Lime juice

-Fresh cilantro

-Cayenne or chili powder

-Garnish: coconut yogurt

How to:

-In a food processor, I mix the onion, carrot, courgette, and any other vegetable you would like to add as a base. I also use the white parts of acelga. Process until small or mashed, depending on how you like it (if you have fussy kids, the smaller the better!)

-In a cooking pot, add the coconut oil and add the mix. Saute the mix of vegetables until slightly golden.

-Add the lentils

-Add 3 cups of water and keep adding as they cook as much as you need, Cook until they are completely broken and dissolved.

-Add the round green beans. I slice them really small.

-Add the spices, salt and pepper and coconut milk, -Taste and see if you need more spice!

-Serve with coconut yogurt and cilantro. I also add seeds and a touch of chili oil to finish.

Pure Life! Help me spread the Alka-Vibes by sharing, commenting or saving this post, it will be greatly appreciated!


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