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Alkaline Regeneration

Astrological  Review


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My philosophy & Method

Astrological  Review

Through Vedic & Western Astrology we enter the Soul plane and trace a map to the proper healing of each aspect of the Self. The tools are the Chart & the Cards

Magnetic Realignment

Through the power of the poles and the capacity for shifting/redirecting the energy we bring conscious intention in the parts of the Self that need balancing, with special focus on the gland (chakra) system.

Alkaline Regeneration

Through the medicine in alkaline food and herbal healing we design a plan to follow to enhance cellular renegeration, restore equilibrium in the organs, maximize energy and boost the immune system using the electric power of Alkaline-charge elements.

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Well - Come!

My name is Yani

I am a cook and a curandera living to serve and spreading the alka-vibes everywhere I go. I have been learning about Dr. Sebi and his incredible premises for the last five years, teaching, cooking and gathering people around the table, making charts, educating myself and practicing. My approach is three-dimensional: mind-body-soul are one, yet each needs their own understanding and nurturing. 

We are here to activate the Electric Power of our Cells and to reach for the Stars. 

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Alkaline Plans

Cooking for you to jumpstart the healing process!

Tired of feeling heavy, slow and exhausted when you want to enjoy a life full of energy and purpose?

This is your chance to alkalanize and charge those batteries with electric foods!

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Nature is my pharmacy.

Herbal healing is one of my strongest and favorite craft. Foraging, collecting, creating and harvesting plants and fungi to help treating every plane of the Self always came natural.

If you are in need of education or magical plants to support your healing process, do get in touch!

We offer the herbs, teas, oil, and balms. We also produce colloidal silver and Seamoos gels.

Upcoming Events

  • Noble Silent Intreat
    Noble Silent Intreat
    Fri, Jun 07
    Jun 07, 2024, 3:00 PM – Jun 09, 2024, 5:00 PM
    Alicante, La Vall de Laguar, 03791, Alicante, Spain
Muchísimas gracias por todo! He disfrutado muchísimo del curso. Ha sido el primero que he hecho de cocina y me ha fascinado. Tienes una manera de explicarlo muy sensilla, clara y cercana...He aprendido cosas nuevas. Me he sentido muy a gusto. Ha sido un placer conocerte! Ayer preparé el menú del primer día y a mi familia les ha encantado!

Rosa, Pedreguer

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