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Food & Scarcity: it is not what you think.

People keep telling me how afraid they are of scarcity, that we may see a real crisis in the next few years and I wanted to reflect on it.

Yes, there is a possibility that we will struggle and we will have to drastically change how we do things, but it doesn't mean that a little scarcity can´t help the collective evolve faster. We have a problem today bigger than this and it's our perception of what's real and what is not. Perception is everything and right now our view of the world has been hijacked by a media industry swallowing millions, keeping us sitting on the edge of a seat to see if there are 500 cases or 501. This is the peak of a deeply divided society, as you can see with the Egyptians and Romans and now America, the civilization is at its crest when it starts to fall apart. The media frenzy is showing just how much involvement they have in everything, especially in dictating how we understand the world.

You say scarcity, I say sharing more. One is half full, the other half empty. I grew up in scarcity, many times my parents had to borrow or go without, but guess what? I never noticed! First of all because it was everyone's situation. Maybe someone had a little more, but not that much. My mom never paid for cable so we didn't have tv channels to show us how much richer other people were in comparation. Back in the day, we used to live in tribes of a hundred people. Imagine that? Only knowing a hundred people TOTAL? Now, you can know everyone on this planet, and social media has a way to show us the materialistic world they want us to buy into. So if you have a new car, now you need a bigger house to put it in, or you have a new house but now needs better furniture, or you need new clothes every month to show how much you have, luckily that didn't exist in my life as a child. I waited for Christmas for one present, we shopped for clothes once a year and my mom put it on payments directly with the store´s owner, no credit or anything, just the good old honour system, she would be paying for that for the next twelve months.

We had little, but we didn't feel that way. I see sometimes these posts about how lucky we were to grow in the mud or climbing trees, that is not it, kids can do it today. The thing is we grew up in blessed ignorance, we grew up with little comparison and that is why our children today can't put their phones down, because we don't put them down, because we constantly have to check what everyone is up to make sure we still exist. I had a time in life when I used to feel guilty if I didn't have a fridge full of food and snacks for my kids, I got so caught up in the consuming that I thought, can you imagine what my grandparents would have thought of such a commodity/waste? I don't want to know, I just know that we have this so programmed in our minds, so embedded in our habits, make sure you are always topped up, always have enough. We over-shop, over-eat, over-indulge and then when we have to reduce even in the slightest, we feel in scarcity. We need so much to live, a simple life seems just too restrictive, when it is in fact the opposite. We are constantly worried, we hear all these problems are coming but where are we hearing them from? Tv and social media. If we turn off the stupid box, we can start to really live without fear. Advertising is poison, it's designed by trained psychologists to infiltrate your cognitive processes, pirating your mind and forcing you to do things that go against your own nature. You are constantly seeing the things you don't have, the medication for that problem you never had but now you do, you see how you can access all this with a small loan and slowly you give in into their mechanisms of mental slavery.

There is not scarcity, there will be fairness and community, we will choose to share and multiply. There was never scarcity, only a few keeping the resources from the rest, destruction created by false advertising since WW1. Since the media came around strong. TV began around 1920, nine years before the greatest depression known to many potencies around the world. TV started it all and social media is exacerbating it. There is not scarcity, there is fear. Fear is being broad-casted, like a spell, is hacking your reality. Try it, turn off the news for a few days and see how you fear decreases drastically. And if you can't do that, then maybe consider if you don't actually have an addiction or you are a masochist who likes to suffer.

The other reason why I never realized scarcity was that I have a family, a big Italian family who supported and helped each other no matter what. Both on my mom and dad side, family meant everything. Even with our issues and differences, family was everything. I didn't get it back then, and I didn't get it until years after I left, why some Latin countries are so bound by these family bonds, but let me tell you, when the worse comes and hope is lost, family remains, family fights for you, family is life, is empowerment, is food, is love. Family keeps your warmth and fed. So now that the world comes to the unification of consciousness, when we all share the same experience, all over the planet, corona goes everywhere, now I am looking at my upbringing as the source of power in society, to stop counting money or judging who does what. Family has each other's back, whatever is needed, no one left behind. It's time to expand this concept, to make family everywhere we go, to strengthen our bonds and let everyone know if shit hits the fan, we are one, we are here for each other. This really helps the fear of scarcity, we struggle together no matter what. This is important now more than ever when hate runs free on the streets. I ask you to reach out if you can, if you can give someone peace of mind, just with words. Time to share people, you won't be able to spend all your money if the world is in flames. The change is now from the bottom up, we change reality, we don't wait for the ones above to change it because they have been at it for two thousand years and nothing has changed, because they won't change what makes them rich. So to change the world, to change the present right now, all we must do is build bridges that will give people strength, security and inspiration. Make your family bonds unbreakable, be there, show up, listen and ask for help.

Scarcity is hard, some have never been through it, some don't remember it in the flesh, some have felt it and are terrified. It's an illusion, there is enough for everyone, for the animals, for everything, there is always enough food. We just have to start building the structures to ensure everyone is looked after, we have to think collectively and stop over-buying, stop wasting and learn to live with less. I am sorry if you got used to foie grass or red tuna from Japan, we have been told a lie that we can do whatever we want at all times with no consequences, but there are always consequences...usually for someone else. Start now, if you are afraid of the future and scarcity start now, living simpler, trying to learn how to grow your own food, resource locally, exchange with your neighbours and help jumpstart this new society we want where we look after one another.

Scarcity of kindness and compassion, that is the biggest obstacle to overcome. Let's get prepared for whatever comes.

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