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3-Day Cacao Fasting: what I have learnt.

The last time I fasted like this left me afraid of doing it again. Even though I had the realization that the greater than pain, the greater the results, still, it hurt like a mother.

Why? Because the level of toxicity in my body was high, and the coming out was difficult. I spent the summer having sugary coffee, pastries, take away meals (all plant-based, but much of it processed as I work late shifts and there wasn´t much available around. Added to the fact that I had two jobs and I wasn´t finding time to cook). The worst was the kidney pain, I couldn´t sleep and my back was in agony for about ten days after. I felt nauseated and feverish, I had aches all over, etc. But, of course, when I finished I felt amazing, energetic, clear-headed, and renewed, so it got me interested in finding out what happens to the body when you fast.

See, I like to say, imagine if you start scraping the inside of the drains in your kitchen, all the dirt and crusty filth that over the years layered into the pipes. Imagine you scrape it with a knife, it would be a black calcification, hard, and gross. Because normally your body has more nutrients than it needs, it never needs to go deep into cleaning or eating away what is stored there. But once you fast, that is more or less what happens: every bit of filth left behind by food and toxins starts to come out. Dealing with that is hard for the kidneys, it's pure toxic waste, literally. That is why the hurt and the back hurts too. It´s a kind of poisoning necessary to do real deep cleaning. So once those toxins are gone, you can say you are clean.

Now this time I did a cacao cleanse (recipe below) because even though I set up to do a tea cleanse, my body kept screaming cacao. I made it like an infusion, but still, cacao has medicinal effects that were very vividly felt by my body and mind. The first day is the hardest, and it's when you notice the real bad habit of putting anything in your mouth mindlessly. It's the gesture of reaching out and having to stop yourself that is hard, not the hunger in itself. The second and third days were easier as it was an accepted truth and I didn't need to restrict myself any longer.

This time around I had no pains or sickness. Realizing that cacao has psychoactive components, I went to sleep with a slight high that was delightful and entertaining. The main symptoms I felt were a moment of energy lows followed by hights, a slight fever in the mornings, all sorts of noises in my stomach, some I could even make voluntarily, and by the end of the second day I could feel my stomach trying to eat itself, like it was pulling in so strongly I would get sudden but fleeing pains. I particularly enjoy these feelings, I enjoy feeling things I never felt before, even if they hurt a bit. I like to know my body and putting it to the test is the best way to do so.

The clarity of mind, patience, and slowness of everything becomes apparent. Something I did wrong last time around was I did not prepare fully. This time I made sure I didn't have much work (other than my son´s birthday party but luckily my partner helped with most of the cooking) I disconnected my phone as much as I could and made sure to have time to rest when the low peaks hit me. But here is the kick: one of the hardest things is sleeping. I thought it was because the body uses so much energy in digesting that when you are not eating there is volumes of unused energy to spare. I would fall asleep late, wake up every hour or so, and then get up super early. The answer to this came a few days ago thanks to a post by an African doctor which I could not find again once I lost it, but he was asked if sleep was important, and he said that sleep basically has to do with fasting, with the need of the body to fast and take a break from food and as humans cannot do it consciously the body does it for us. So if you don't eat much, there is not much need to sleep, which is an amazing premise. I would have disagreed with it a while ago but now I am not too sure anymore, I had to force myself to sleep. So maybe fasting and no sleeping go hand and hand, and people who claim to do neither have found a way to free the natural, endless energy of the awakened body.

I often hear people say "Fasting is not for me". I want to say, that fasting is for everyone, it just not may be the right time now, or perhaps more education or practice is needed, like intermittent fasting. I often say it is not you talking, but rather the toxin in your body that wants to stay where it is. One of my main reasons to fast is to get rid of parasites and "entities" living in my body that are hard to eliminate any other way. You feel layers and layers of conditioning melting away and many of those come in the form of toxins in the body. Toxins from food, from the environment, from other people, from many things.

Sometimes company can make a big difference, so next time I fast I will be letting you know and we can join in and have daily online meet-ups and keep each other grounded.

Next date for 3-Day cacao fasting 31st of May / 1st of June / 2nd of June so we get ready for the summer, get rid of inflammation and get a clear mind to enjoy the season!

You can purchase the cacao mix with me for the 3 days and we meet every day to connect, empower and help each other stay grounded. Try it and do what you can, every time you can do a bit more and your intuition knows when is enough.

In the meantime, you can also watch a video I did a while ago about fasting.

Food is medicine, yes, but the absence of it is so much more powerful, the same way that sound healing is so curative, but silence even more.

Cacao Infusion recipe:


1 tablespoon of pure, raw cacao

1 cup spring water

1 orange peel

1 teaspoon powdered ginger

1 teaspoon

Mix all in a cooking pan and drink. I had one in the morning, one midday and one at night if necessary.

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