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Alkaline Pan Pizza

I made a video yesterday about Spelt flour and today I wanted to share this simple recipe that saved me from resourcing to lower-grade food many times. This pan-bread can be used in a million ways, I have shared so many recipes with it so it's a really handy one to know and practice.

Some secrets for it?

-Let the dough rest for a minute

-Make sure the pan is hot enough, with everything in cooking, make sure your pan is hot enough and do not overcrowd it.

-Use quality ingredients.

I normally share recipes that are easy and fast to make, pizza normally, even for those who know what they are doing, takes hours of work. Food like that is not sustainable because by the time we are finished, we are tired and we made a mess so it´s like we will never try it again. We need to make cooking enjoyable and easy, it is not to sacrifice flavor, but rather get used to simpler tastes, coming back to the natural flavor in foods.

Perhaps you are one of those people who think pizza without cheese is not pizza and maybe it takes a minute to get used to but hey! nothing tastes quite like feeling great!

So here is my intuitional recipe for a ten-minute pan-pizza!


-1 cup spelt flour

-1 teaspoon bicarbonate soda

-1 teaspoon cumin seeds

-Olive oil

-Salt to taste

For the toppings:


-Tomatoes or cherries

-Oyster mushrooms, peppers or any mushrooms or veg you like to sauté







-(all these are optional and you can also add anything you like to it but keep it alka-good!)


-In a bowl mix the flour, bicarbonate, cumin seeds, salt, and olive oil. Add gradually water until you get a nice firm dough, not too soft, not too hard, and not too sticky either. Let it rest for five minutes.

-In a pan, first sauté the mushrooms, cherries, and any other veg you like with a little olive oil.

-Mash the avocado.

-Roll the dough into a thin pizza base. You want it very thin if you like crispy and you have to have the pan hot enough. Place some olive oil and then place the dough carefully on a pan big enough for the size you want. I normally have a pan that is about the same size of a regular pizza for it.

-Cook it until golden and turn it around.

-Place it on a cutting board and add the topping. First the avocado, then the sautéed veg, and then all the rest. I finish with chopped basil, oregano, sprouts, and seeds.

-Enjoy some really top-notch fuel for your body and mind and eat as much as you want, it´s all good.

And share the alka-vibes with those you love!

Take care of yourself.


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