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Alkaline Reprogram Week 2: Healthy Yumminess

I leave you here the pictures of our last Alkaline Reprogram Workshop!

We made:

-Quick Alkaline Spelt Soda Bread

-Quinoa, avocado, pear and greens salad


-Rollatinis stuffed with mushrooms

-Apple, raising cinnamon rolls

So much we can do for two hours!

If you want to join you can catch up with the videos or sign up to our upcoming classes. Only 35 euros at month!

We also have an Sweet Alkaline Workshop coming to Tribus, a half day gathering to learn to cook delicious sweets that won´t do us harm. Check it out in the event section in our website!

So here some of the Alka-Magic! We are making this in English this upcoming Tuesday the 20th, get in touch or purchase the monthly course in our Shop Section!

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