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My six favorite summer drinks!

Love Verano and iced drinks!

I used to have this very bad addiction to sugary sodas and drinks. And Neil used to have a thing for beer and some spirits. I have to admit, they are both hard to give up or even reduce. When you are consuming them you think they taste good but once you stop and detox your system, you realize just how they have corrupted your taste.

For years I fancy myself the herbal tea drinker, I would buy them all but never managed to like them. I would only like caffeinated teas, hence the addictive nature of all these products. It was a hard process to stop the Coke and start with the Mint, but slowly I began to get used to it. Once I could drink loads of tea and water, I got a little bored of it. I remember looking at a can of Nestea and thinking ¨lemon and tea, well why would you stop there?¨. And that is how my quest to mix all juices with all teas began. At first was thyme and orange juice. So delicious and refreshing. But then soon enough I wanted to mix them all and the more I drank it, the more I enjoyed the natural flavors, cutting sugar more and more until I didn't need any. The thing about mixing juices with fruit is that they are already sweet and a much more healthy kind.

Here is my top 6 Summer Drinks

Number Six: Iced Golden Latte

A nice hardy drink, you can use any of the plant milk or, like I like it,with some heavy coconut milk mixedwith water to make sure is as unprocessed as possible. Very little turmeric powder, a tuch of ginger powder and a touch a cinnamon. Add some ice and drink up!

Number Five: Rooibos and nectarine

This one is just beautiful. Nectarine or peaches are super sugary and rooibos or red bush is delicate and sweet as well. Perfect to boost the immune system. Infuse the rooibos, juice the nectarines and mix it up!

Number Four: Thyme and Orange

Thyme or oregano used to be my grandma's recipes for a sore chest. With a nice dose of vitamin C, this drink is summery and keeps the lungs clear. Same as the one before, infuse and mix it together.

Number Three: Fizzy Red Fruit and Lemon

I love fruit of the forest and berries teas, they are sweet and delicate. In this case I just add a bit of lemon or orange as I like it tangy and fizzy water to enjoy some bubbles. You can also add a touch of bicarbonate for some extra fizz.

Number Two: Coconut Milk Dandelion Iced Tea

Oh this is something so good not just in flavor but in properties for your liver and gallbladder. Dandelions root is super good and you probably have some in your backyard. Pick it, wash it and let dry out in the sun for a few days. Then infuse and add coconut milk! Make sure the tea is not boling when you add the milk or it will break.

Number One: Lavender Lemonade

My absolutely favorite. Lavender is kind of a relaxer,s o if you are trying to reduce your alcohol or sugar intake, this one is great as it will help with the anxiety. Lemon or grapefruit are amazing options. I like to infuse the fresh lavender in about two fingers of scalding water, take out the lavender,add the juice of one lemón and finish with ice and water. It is the absolutely perfect summer drink!

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