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Primordial Sound Meditation Experience

We are soon having the Primordial Sound Meditation Experience for which you can read a little bit more about below on Janika’s flyer. The experience will last most of the day, it is an unique event we are so lucky to host and to have in our little Village!

We will also be having a workshop on Food for Meditation and Third Eye.

This week I have been researching, but, as I always say, we must first turn inside for the knowledge, see what our collective memories can give us before we let the outside world condition the information.

I have been thinking that every time I go for Indian or Nepalis food, the combinations of spices go right to my head. We begin to feel sweat drops arising on our foreheads, back of our heads, we feel our nasal passages clearing, we feel a little woozy and fuzzy. When you research online how to decalcify you Peneal Gland (our third eye gland, responsible for critical thinking and other cognitive functions) some of the most common foods used are turmeric or ginger, pepper, chilies and stuff as such. Many other ingredients can also be listed, but there seems to me there is a link between herbs and spices and our level of awareness. Since we ditched all animal products, our system can notice these effect much easily, the effects go to our heads rather to our stomachs.

When I eat spice food, specially if it is a variate of mixed spices, as I said, I feel my nose clearing right away. This has made think about the fact that one of the most important subjects we speak about while meditating and trying to increase our awareness is our breath. Certain foods seem to increase airflow into our lungs, and ,after, to our brain in great quantities, pumping more oxygen and making us aware of our bodies with those tingling sensations, and it is in that separation where I believe we can transcend our physical state and really see our bodies as vessels, as vehicles that when given the right fuel, can takes us the distance.

Our mind is submerged in a sublime bath of fresh oxygen and in the headiness our Third Eye makes connections and sees things induced by the properties of these elements. When you become aware of their effect, you can raise your level and use it for your meditation.

We will be having a workshop followed by a fresh cooked dinner in which we will taste all these ideas! Come along, there is so much more to share and learn!




Click on the link to see Janika's info!

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