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Ten Minute Recipes: Quinoa wraps!

Are you always eating on the go, choosing the wrong ingredients due convenience? We are here to give you some strategies to better your lifestyle and learn techniques that can save you from falling into unhealthy habits.

I know salads get boring quick, specially when we are programmed to want to eat something different everyday! But there are ways that we can alternate these ideas to make then funky, easier and also good to eat at work on the go!

So today I prepared the usual quinoa salad, but instead of mixing the lettuce in, I saved it and used it as wraps for my quinoa. I have to say, I also enjoy very much eating with my hands. As we spoke in out Alkaline Reprogram last week, eating with our hands (and any activities done with our hands) increase the production of serotonin and brings us joy. It roots us in the now because are hands are busy and dirty, we cannot go through our phone or other devices. It appeals to our inner child and helps eat less, as focusing in the food we are eating sends a message to the stomach that nourishment is coming in.

This is a super simple idea to keep you going, remember the Alkaline Lifestyle is the only one that can guarantee deep cellular healing and immunity, natural foods that can balance our pH are Nature's gift for us to overcome illnesses and any type of condition.

If you are interested in joining the Alkaline Reprogram Online, visit the section in this website and find out when we start!



Quinoa 100g

1 pear tomato

1 apple

1 avocado

1/2 cucumber

Sesame seeds

Sal (I use black sulfured salt) and Pepper

Olive oil


Lettuce (all but Iceberg)


-Boil the quinoa until is cooked and rinse to cool down

-Chop the tomato, cucumber, avocado and apple and mix in a bowl. Add the quinoa.

-Season with lemon, olive oil, salt and pepper. You can use also any other seeds or fruits you like in a salad.

-Place the lettuce flat on the plate, spoon some of the salad and roll it up!

-Enjoy in the sun, taking the goodness from the light and relaxing so your body can absorb as much nutrient from it as possible,

-Give gratitude for the food you just consumed.

-Go on having an awesome day full of energy and power.

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