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Full Moon Gathering by the Sea

I just wanted to write this to give a little review to what we did on our last gathering and what those that attended said about it!

Women’s gatherings are awesome and as a host for many types of events I can tell you is a different dynamics than when we are all together. It is not something that happens on purpose, but when women are among women, there is this untightness to it all. There is not gender roles. Maybe when is a mixed group we don’t notice so much, but there is a difference. We laugh louder, we eat more, we care less about our appearances and we realize we are more alike than we think. Both experiences, the women only and the shared, are necessary and equally special to us. That is why I want both experiences for the tribe.

This we experience together, I know it ripples after into our lives, like every time I have come together with women I have come home hopeful, refreshed and excited about our future. We break barriers and invite those that perhaps have not yet experience real womanhood. This is not about leaving men out, is realizing we have things to share and to express we first must run to our own, work through it and give it to the world. Maybe is something others experienced before, but for me is new and now when I am among women I feel at home. It’s a feeling I want to expand and amplify for others too. We come up with ideas, share fears and insecurities, open up and all together heal the part of us that the system made to compete and envy. We break stereotypes and create a new way of relating to each other.

Last time the sound bath offered by Sat Sada left a lot of women surprised and encouraged. I was so pleased to hear the comments, the laughter, to see the hugs and the holding of each other. I was just in that feeling of home and community I look for everywhere I go! Thank you for opening up and sharing with us.

Sound healing is something I still can't believe. It’s a practice I do almost daily now and I realized looking around on our last event, it is transcendental to all. The food after is the same, the place is the same, the company is the same, our bodies are the same yet everything is enhanced, everything is more beautiful and tasty! Our mind had been harmonized, our bodies were given room to decompress and we make connection with a higher ground. And doing it together...just magic.

The food was thoroughly enjoyed and I have heard my cacao is too powerful! Yeah baby! It goes right to your third eye all the mix of spices and the love I put into making it to awaken with the sacred medicine the sleeper spirit within.

Our next event for the full moon on the 5th will be more relax, the full moon invites us to go inside, to stop and evaluate, to purge and and leave behind what is not serving us. The beach is the perfect set up to received the moonlight and realize the moment and place we are living in.

I hope to see you there, it is the most amazing moment to be alive and celebrate life. After such a long time indoors, we want Tribus with a view, a changing view. Now with the sounds of the sea and the wind and the slow setting of the sun. I am already feeling this vibration of anticipation as I write this, I can’t wait.

If you can’t make it, share with friends, help us grow this movement and start the new communities.

Breaking the walls of the common “table for two” we heard for years. A feeling of belonging is what matters to us, that's what we called it tribe, and that can only be created with pure intentions...and delicious food.

Moon children, you have been called to gather.

See you there!

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