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The Vegan Culinary School

From September we will resume our classes due demand. We enjoy teaching so much, but we learned that big classes create confusion and chaos, so we narrow down to a small series of classes every Monday. These classes will be divided into two categories: Healing Foods with me, Yanina, and Vegan 101 with Neil. The good thing about these classes is that they will last 3 hours and you will make enough food to take five full meals with you to last you the week. You can book one or monthly past of four with a discount! We are located in Benitachell and the classes take place every Monday morning and afternoon. We will also have random classes that we will update as they come.

Making pasta!


I am Yanina and I heal with food!

The month of September our Healing Food class will be focusing on the liver, why? Because little that we know the liver is the most important organ, with thousands of functions, a healthy liver is a healthy body.

To learn how to heal the liver we will be using Dr. Sebi’s approach. Doctor Sebi wrote extensively about the liver health and how to reverse illness such as diabetes, cirrhosis, hemochromatosis and others. Some of the most important functions of the liver are: blood filtering, chemical detoxification, bile secretion, protein making, clothing and others. Dr. Sebi basically says that alkaline foods have complete molecular structure. Alkaline foods being all that is ready to eat: veg, fruit, seeds, nut, etc. Artificial food has not molecular integrity, so it acts as a starch, as a binder. He would recommend to have a diet as close to raw vegan as possible.

He also gave a complete list of the best ingredients to eat. We elaborated the classes based on this list. Dr. Sebi's alkaline diet doesn’t include any gluten, oils, sugar or salt (we do use pink salt). People around the world still swear by this simple eating method that has saved the lives of millions since it was published.

Another important aspect of this type of eating are herbs. Herbs can be powerful allays when it comes to healing. They have substances that can empower food and help us greatly. I believe in using only what grows around, that’s why I spend most of the spring gather dandelions, burdock roots, Echinacea and milk thistles.

Dandelion iced coffee!

People have come back to healthy diabetes level or cholesterol levels within 14 days if done consciously and responsibly. Note I am not a medical practitioner, I am merely a cook! (And a gardener and an alternative healer enthusiast and, above it all, a self-taught individual who tries to apply critical thinking and logic to new facts and knowledge).

Cooking can also be healing in itself, if you learn to make time and approach the elements in your kitchen with mindfulness and gratitude to the Earth for the wonderful offerings, you can discover a new therapy that will allow you to be creative, relax, connect with the soil, help you ground and clear negative thoughts. We will set a nice atmosphere with high frequency music, breathing exercises and gratitude practices. The most important aspect of my class is to learn to root ourselves in the here and the now, to live consciously in the present without distractions. That’s how we make the most out of life and joy. Eating well is, after all, the higher form of self-respect.


*Raw lasagne

*Turmeric veggie broth

*Garbanzo burger with herbs

*Roast dinner

*Baked bhajis


*Pesto zoodles

*Black quinoa meatballs

*Jacked sweet potatoes

*Spelt and squash stew

*Coconut soup


*Raw pad Thai

*Chickpea wraps

*Zen bowl with rainbow veg

*Oat and veg burger

*Veggie kabobs


*Quinoa sushi

*Stuffed courgette

*Meatloaf, amaranth, and mushrooms

*Stuffed cabbage rolls

*Carrot, orange, and ginger soup


I'm Neil and I cook to inspire!

Neil’s classes are very different. He enjoys moving quick and taking over the whole space! So in this class he will be making all sorts of delicious vegan dishes for beginners. And nothing of processed, pre-made stuff, we will learn to make outstanding dishes with fresh produce at an affordable price. Sounds too good? Plant based can be that good.

Neil travelled extensively across the five continents and he has learned that cuisines around the world have more in common than it seems and they are all easily fusion and combined. Now under the vegan lens, the possibilities are endless! On this first month we will be focusing on an easy transition to veganism, paying attention to our B12 intake and other nutrients and focusing to flavour and texture to ensure you are eating properly and don’t get tempted by old patterns of eating.

Again, you will be making enough food to last you all week, but also some sauces to add to your pasta, dressings and others. He will work closely to meat and cheese replacements, pastas, grains and a bit of fry food too as we are not here to be puritans, am I right? We count chemicals not calories and we eat what we want! His selection of music is always upbeat, so the kitchen dynamic is in constant movement, submerge yourself in an eclectic, flavourful three hour session, enjoying yourself with all five senses.


Intro to ingredients and how to use them.

Chinese meatballs and rice

Dhal soup with flatbread



Sauces to take and some cooked special pasta


Soy burritos

Mango salad with noodles

American burger

Peruvian salteado

Sauces: bbq and Thai bbq and some sausages to take


Breakfast wrap

Pad Thai

Bolognese lasagna

Sweet and sour cauliflower

Sauces: Mexican hot sauce, sweet and sour to take


5 spice risotto with hoisin mushroom

No fish and chips

Soy spring rolls

Coconut soup

Sauces: green curry paste, sweet chili and veggie kabobs to take

The classes are reduced to only 5 people as we want to spend time with each one, making sure you get the best out of the time we have. In big groups is just a mess! We have created a special classroom we would love to show you! All utensils within reach and with funky music, fresh and hot drinks and a cleansed atmosphere to leave your worries at the door. You may find that when you ground yourself in the now through cooking and gathering, your problems or worries will attenuate; maybe even helping you find their course. You will be investing in your health in many ways; we believe we can help you achieve all your culinary dreams!

Book you place for our classes at

Live, cook and eat from the Self and let’s flow with life. Your vibe attracts your tribe, so we know you will be coming by the laws of attraction! We share the same idea: food is the connector and health our bridge. See you in class!

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